FineDine Menu is a digital menu app for restaurants, which allows restauranteurs to create operational e-menus, increase sales, decrease operational costs, facilitating more accurate ordering of food.

TheScanMenu is a restaurants and cafes service, it uses the QR code technology instead of traditional menu, where every individual on a table can view the restaurant’s menu and place an order.

ShopBrain is a self-service forecasting and inventory optimization platform, enriching an easy world of predictions to help users optimize their decision accordingly.

Hoopoe Digital provides a "digital menu" solution for the clients built on their Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Shop, dine and spend at more than 50 partner merchants in Jordan. It’s quick, easy, and secure with Cayyesh loyalty application.

Iisal is a cloud-based services company that assists the clients to have an intelligent insight about purchasing behaviors, through 'digital receipt' service and the Iisal platform.

KitchenCUT provides an advanced stock and inventory management solution.

PAYFORT makes online payments safe and secure for buyers and sellers in the Arab world. You can subscribe to POSRocket or renew your subscription through Payfort.

Utrac is a delivery service application operating in Jordan. Earn money, track your orders and enjoy a fast delivery service

Appgain helps mobile marketers get more users and improve retention in one single platform, based on digital receipt service.

Geidea is a company for payment devices in Saudi Arabia and a leading integrated software solutions provider.

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.

Receet is a digital receipts platform that allows store owners to generate digital receipts after completing transactions. Consumers can get their digital receipts by simply scanning a QR code. Receet also offers loyalty and feedback services on top of digital receipts.

Talabat is a platform that connects users to the largest selection of restaurants in the region to order online and pay either by cash or card.

Loyal customers spend 5 more times, Make all your customers loyal with Wafii loyalty Application.

Otlob is a provider of an online food ordering platform in Egypt.